We have a non-deposit waiting list for unborn puppies.  

Once puppies are born a $200  deposit will hold your puppy.  

Puppies will be ready for their new homes at 8 wks. old.

          Please email me to be placed on the waiting list.

Waiting List:
1.   Debbie C.​ - Male
2.   Peggy S.  - Female
3.  Chung K.  - Female
4.  Kathryn P. -  Female
5.  Sara H. -  Female
6.  Joseph M. - Female
7.   Brenda S. -  Female
8.  John A. -  Male
9.  Tammy K.  - Female
10. Ge Z.
11.  Corrie R. 

Leilani and Laki Due Feb. 22, 2018

Lailani and Laki have produced beautiful red puppies of different shades within the same litter.  Both have great temperaments, are loving, playful and energetic.  Compact bodies, short legs, flat noses, round eyes (no eye white) and beautiful soft coats.  We expect gorgeous healthy puppies in January 2018.

past puppies:

Suki and Laki are expecting puppies in Feb. 24, 2018

Suki and Laki have produced beautiful puppies of different colors within the same litter.  Once again we are expecting to see blacks, chocolates, liver and white, black and white or dark reds.  These puppies will be between 9-14 lbs. as adults.

Their past puppies: