We are planning to have one litterlate this summer and one in the fall.

Please check in later for pictures of parents and due dates. 

We have a non-deposit waiting list for unborn puppies.  

Once puppies are born a $200  deposit will hold your puppy.  

Puppies will be ready for their new homes at 8 wks. old.

          Please email me to be placed on the waiting list.

Note:  Do not be discourage about the long list.  Many are waiting for a specific color or gender and decide to continue to wait.  Many times persons at the end of the list get a puppy before those at the beginning. 

You will know when the right puppy for you becomes available.

Suki is due on July 25th!

Father of this litter is Laki.  They have produced beautiful puppies with a varaiety of colors in every litter.   Solid Chocolates, Liver and White, Black and White, Solid Reds, and even White with black.  These are some of their puppies :