We are planning to have two litters late this summer.  Please check in later for pictures of parents and due dates. 

We have a non-deposit waiting list for unborn puppies.  

Once puppies are born a $200  deposit will hold your puppy.  

Puppies will be ready for their new homes at 8 wks. old.

          Please email me to be placed on the waiting list.

Waiting List:
1.   Debbie C.​ - Male               
2.   Chung K.  - Female
3.  Sara H. -  Female
4.  Joseph M. - Female
5.   Brenda S. -  Female
6.  John A. -  Male
7.  Tammy K.  - Female
8.  Kathryn P.  Female
​9.   John & Laurie - Male
10. Aidan - Male
11.  Dominic M. - 
12. Dana  S.-
13.  Jaimee P.- 
14.  Robin B. - Male
15.  Cindy G. 
16.  Denise A. - Male
17.  Teresa T. 
18.  Mary M. - Female

Note:  Do not be discourage about the long list.  Many are waiting for a specific color or gender and decide to continue to wait.  Many times persons at the end of the list get a puppy before those at the beginning. 

You will know when the right puppy for you becomes available.